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put ‘babe’ in my ask if you’d date me 



can you imagine remus harping on sirius all the time for smelling like a wet dog, and sirius one day gets so tired of it that he just bathes himself in amortentia so he’ll smell like things remus loves. and then he just smugly goes up to remus, “what do i smell like now?” and remus just rolls his eyes like, “you smell like chocolate and wet dog, nice try covering it up.”


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so many people changed their urls i have no idea whos who anymore haha

bard the bowman in the botfa trailer (x)


doubles (#2): sanada’s problems

i can’t believe myself part 2

Fanfiction problems: 



You want to read the story again. It was well written, and the plot was genius.You remember everything about the story. Except the title and author.

just because i don’t follow u back doesn’t mean i think u have a shitty blog. you might just have posts/fandoms/stuff i don’t really want on my dash. and hey, that’s fine. it’s YOUR tumblr you’re here for you and that’s goodgreatawesome.

but please don’t think me not following you back means i hate u 5ever and that u can never inbox me or reply to my posts or follow me on twitter or something b/c that is not what it means at all.



My dad is actually the villain from despicable me.

this is amazing


Happy 8/2


toru is following masa but masa isnt following toru live laugh love

update he unfollowed him


date a tall boy with black hair. date a boy who will hate the world with you. date a boy who drinks tea and will sit with you by the fire. date a boy with honour. date a boy who needs to capture the avatar to restore his honour. date prince zuko.